We all know what’s up with the Catholic Church these days.  No…It’s not becoming a giant amusement park called “Benny World,” and I dare say much of what is happening is NOT amusing in the least.  Some think we may be seeing the final death blows to this ancient temple of misogynistic fun, others think this will all blow over and that the church will be vindicated in the end.  Mark Morford of the San Francisco Gate thinks the former and I hope he is right.  It is time for the Church to own up to its seriously deviant past (some 2000 years) of sexual and psychological abuse of its followers.  So far it is having trouble doing so, but it will happen, I am sure, sooner or later, simply because they will have no choice.

On one side we have Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens (among others) calling for legal action on the Pope himself when he visits the UK this fall.  On the other we have Morford and others hoping for the final death of this ancient cult.

I would like to agree with Morford that this is a signal that perhaps the “Rapture” is finally upon us, because, like him, I have a different definition of what the Rapture will be:

The Rapture is when the major karmic roadblocks of man — all the Vaticans, popes, temples, cults, megachurches and even most organized religions all stagger and collapse under the weight of their inherent hypocrisy, all the oppressed sexuality, the homophobia, misogyny, fear of science, the denial of true spiritual source.

Hat Tip to Shalini Sehkar for pointing me to this article