I love this new movement that is going to try to convince the governments of the USA, UK, and whoever else had chat sessions with aliens that they should open up the “alien files” and tell us all the truth.

I am sure that most of the UFO loons will be sadly depressed once they find out that there is nothing there.  All these years, all these supposed sightings and yet nothing exists to show for it.  Hmmm, what might that mean?  That you are all credulous buffoons!

Recently while on change.gov I noticed that there are actual people who really want Pres. Obama to tell us all the truth.  With all that is going on in the world right now, do we really want him to spend the time chasing down bullshit for a few crazies?  I hope not.

Get over it people.  If aliens really wanted to visit another civilization I don’t think they would bother with us.