In a recorded lecture entitled “The Keys to a Successful Marriage”, delivered to his male worshippers but now broadcast on the internet and viewed by several thousand people, Mr Hamza said Islamic law allowed men to hit their wives as a last resort, but they were not to make them bleed or become bruised.

via It&squo;s OK to hit your wife, says Melbourne Islamic cleric | Herald Sun.

There is a sickness to this religion…  Of course there is a sickness to all religions, but one that feels it is alright to beat, demand sex, and brutalize your wife, has an extra helping of sickness.  With idiots like this speaking for them how do Muslims expect rational people to ever take them seriously?

More and more I have my doubts that this medieval cult of misogyny and pedophilia deserves a place in a modern world.  While I am no fan of most religions (ok, all of them) this takes a special place on my wall of shame…

I think Pat Condell says it best:

Let’s stop appeasing these idiots.  Secular governments should take a stand.