As The Blog of the Airtightnoodle points out, I spoke too soon.  Yes, the Texas board of education did vote to strike the “strength and weaknesses” phrasing from the current science standards, but they are now looking to allow arguments against common descent into the curriculum.  Oops!  As airtightnoodle explains:

This proposal is completely unscientific and is in the same spirit as the “strengths and weaknesses” clause that was struck down.  What is even more amazing to me, personally, is that at least before this creationists/intelligent designer proponents could make the argument that they weren’t singling out evolution–they wanted to teach the strengths and weaknesses of ALL theories (which of course for the most part wasn’t true, but they could still make that argument).  This new proposal is blatantly singling out evolution.

As this article points out:

“It’s really unscientific. It promotes creationism. It says that students will be required to learn arguments against common descent or ancestral connections,” Schafersman said. “The only alternative to common descent is creationism in their minds.”

Face it.  The only arguments against common descent are non-scientific in nature, and come from the creationist camp.

People of Texas, write in to your state school board and make a stink before they meet to vote on this policy in March.