There’s a lot in the world that pisses me off.  But tomorrow I vow I will not be pissed because of the very fact that it is a historic day for our country.  This inauguration is important.  This president is important.  I would posit that it is the most important inauguration since Franklin Roosevelt, and possibly even Abraham Lincoln.  Why do I think it is so important? Well aside from the fact that Barack Obama is the first African American president, I think he represents much more.

After eight long years of darkness, our country is coming back into the light.  It won’t be easy.  Barack has much to do and it will take time, but his progressive ideals can be nothing but good for all of us.  Eight years ago our government was hijacked by bigoted, socially backward ideologues.  Tomorrow we will rejoin the world community of enlightened governments and become the beacon to the world that we once were.

I am not saying that Barack is perfect, that he will make all the right choices.  But he is a smart man.  He is an open minded man.  He understands the reasons why we are American and will seek to move us forward on a social front.

Yes, he is a Christian, but he is not a religious ideologue.  He knows this country is made up many different people with all beliefs and with none, and he understands we ALL have a voice and not just a specific segment of our population.  He was raised in a secular household so understands the secular ideals that define this country and our government.  Yes, he will capitulate, he will compromise.  I have news for you: he has to.  There is too much at stake for him not to.

So I say this: be proud of your country tomorrow.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a believer or, like me, an anti-believer.  We are finally taking a step forward, so get in line and walk.