Keep fit-fanatic Ahmad rammed a seven-inch long knife into his sister’s body 23 times — in her stomach, backside, arms, legs, heart and lungs. Morsal bled to death at the scene of the crime.

Ahmad was said to be ashamed of his sister for wearing “inappropriate” clothing, although he himself has a history of criminal behaviour.

via Criminal brother killed sister for wearing make-up and mini-skirts – Sunday Life –

Yes, this man was mentally unbalanced, but adherence to a crazy dogmatic faith only served to help him along on his path of murder.

These crazy fucks make me sick and their “religion of peace” is nothing but a scam used to practice misogyny and pedophilia.  In my book an “honour killing” is not manslaughter but murder.  One can argue that Islam prepares men to be ready to murder women who stray from the dogmatic idiocies of their faith.