Meinck, an Australian-born former monk, believes that people retain in their bodies memories of abuse that can be retrieved during intense deep-tissue massage, regressive therapy and gruelling meditation sessions lasting up to two weeks.

During long retreats at the property, they became convinced they had been sexually abused by parents, extended families, workmates and – eventually – each other.

via Bizarre secret cult ripping families apart | PerthNow.

This is modus operandi for many cult leaders.  The sad part is that it is the credulousness of his followers that get them into trouble.  We see this all the time.  Meinck has actually convinced these people that they have been abused, even though many have not.  This ranks up there with UFO abductees who believe they have been experimented upon and then blame the “aliens” for their problems, or people who have been convinced by less than honest hypnotherapists through “past life” regression that it was their past lives that are to blame for their ill fortunes.

The major difference, of course, is that these people are being lead to believe that the issues they may face are from deep within their own tissue and bodies, and that trust of their past and family is wrong.

It is despicable