To the dismay of those of us in natural health, Swayze has also placed his faith and life in the hands of mainstream medicine.

via Patrick Swayze’s Misguided Faith in Mainstream Medicine.

Heaven forbid that an honest to goodness hollywood star is not a whackaloon nut and actually thinks that real, science based, medicine might help his condition.  Because we all know that taking herbal supplements is going to cure that pancreatic cancer right up.

I mean really, how irresponsible can one get, but to actually intimate that it is a BAD idea to trust the medical community?  There is pretty much no proof that natural remedies can cure cancer, so why state that they can, yet medicine can’t?  Because these people are blind-to-the-truth windbags!

I mean, Gee, look at Lance Armstrong.  It wasn’t mainstream medicine that saved his life…wait…oops, guess it was.