The list of weapons used to beat the children was repeated continually during trial: 2-by-4 boards, metal pipes, plastic pipes, plastic spoons and whips. A heavy, three-foot-long metal pipe and a fiberglass segment of a tent pole — long, thin and with a knotted elastic cord dangling from one end — was shown to the jury as evidence.

via Abusive couple sentenced to long prison terms.

No doubt about it.  This is a case where the legal system did the right thing.  What these people did in the name of their professed beliefs was wrong, wrong, wrong.  Their children will be scarred forever.

In my past I had come across The Worldwide Church of God (it is quite different now than in the 80’s when I almost succumbed to its cultish ways) and it was very strict, and sought a completely literal biblical ideology.  The fact that these people acted the way did is not surprising at all.