In previous filings, CPS officials have presented records, including excerpts from Jeffs’ journals, that indicate the girl was married to Jeffs when she was 12 years old. Jeffs is the jailed leader of the FLDS, a breakaway Mormon sect that practices polygamy.

Those records indicated that the marriage ceremony was performed by the teen’s father, Frederick Merril Jessop, considered Jeffs’ second-in-command, and witnessed by the girl’s mother, the third of Jessop’s six wives.

via Texas still seeks custody of sect leader’s 14-year-old bride.

Why sicko FLDS parents, of course!  I know, what business is it of the Texas government to to take a child away from her parents and try to tell the parents what to do.  Well…it is the law!  That’s what business.  I am glad the State is taking a stand on this.  I realize it may be hard for the child to be separated from her family, but she needn’t be.  All the state is asking is that they follow the law, the same law the rest of us have to follow.