The Pendragon cult sought a paramilitary takeover of Marin County and creation of a modern-day Camelot with Richards as King Arthur and his teenage workers as knights, according to court rulings.

Richards allegedly promoted plans in meetings with his workers to take over Marin County by destroying the Golden Gate and Richmond-San Rafael bridges and placing a laser gun on top of Mount Tamalpais.

via Court Restores Murder Conviction Of Man In Marin Pendragon Cult – News Story – KRXI Reno.

I remember when I was a kid, playing as King Arthur, about how great the knights of the round table were.  Apparently some kids never outgrew that phase and carried it into their murderous, delusional, adult years.  I am most intrigued by the laser gun.

You have to be in a new level of credulousness to fall into a cult like this.  I mean throw all relation to the real world out the window.