Below is a quote from a very thoughtful post by a young Mormon at BYU.  I was touched by his acceptance of the fact that allowing rights to others does not restrict the rights of those that already have them.  This is an argument that really pisses me off.  I have never understood why closed minded D-Bags want so much to restrict rights to LGBT couples.  My basically philosophy is that if it doesn’t hurt or effect me in any way why should I work to deny rights to someone else?  In what way is allowing gay people to get married going to effect straight people who get married?  Why does this have anything to do with “traditional” families?  They can still be traditional.  Gays aren’t saying “if you let me get married I will stop you from getting married.”

I find it odd and maddening that large, organized religious organizations think it is their business to tell people what to do.  Especially people who don’t subscribe to their point of view.

This young man is very brave for speaking out.  It is likely that if he is “outed” for his point of view at  BYU that there would be repurcusions.

Call me a heretic or a heathen if you want, but I just can’t seem to get my head around the idea that gay marriage actually hurts anyone. Gay people already live together, adopt children, and raise families. What exactly is it that you are trying to prevent here, the ability for gay people to visit their partners in the hospital, or denying one partner custody rights if a couple separates?

I have spoken with many of my peers who feel that restricting gay marriage is not enough. They would like to restrict the LGBT community even further so that they are not allowed to adopt children or raise families. This is unfortunate considering that children raised by same-sex couples do not differ significantly from children raised by heterosexual couples in terms of psychological dysfunction, victimization, likelihood of gay or lesbian sexual orientation (that’s right, children raised by gay and lesbian couples are no more likely to be gay or lesbian than children raised by heterosexual couples), or peer relationships (Golombok & Tasker, 1996; Rivers, Poteat, & Noret, 2008; Wainright & Patterson, 2008). In short, gay and lesbian couples have been consistently found to make just as good of parents as heterosexual couples (Herek, 2006).

via The Young Turks: Thoughts of a mormon that supports the rights of same sex couples to marry..