On the eve of 2009, I thought it worthwhile to pontificate on my place in this ‘verse and to elucidate my hopes for the next year.

There was, as usual, many things to be pissed about in the world of religious credulity this past year:

More cult stupidity from such numb-nuts as Wayne Bent, Tom Cruise, and Tony Alamo.

More cult interference in the everyday lives of people such as the Mormon, and surprisingly, Catholic team up over the passing of California’s Proposition 8.

Of course everyone’s favorite antivaxxer-Jenny McCarthy, going apeshit nuts over the completely misguided practice of telling parents not to have their children vaccinated.

With an election year that left many of us drained, but in the end, vindicated, with the election of what seems to be a rational president-Barack Obama. Many of us hope, I know, that America will become a saner place once again. We all hope to see rational thought take back some stage space from the crazies left unchecked by an unpopular and unintelligent Bush administration. So in this I see a more positive future, even with the economy going in the tank, because I think we have people who are smart enough and pro-active enough, to see us through this rough stretch. I am over-all optimistic about our future, but we must all be vigilant, and make sure our rational voices are heard.

As for myself, while I don’t ever make resolutions, I will state a few things that I want to do for this next year:

I want to become more involved in the rational/skeptical community. I plan on attending the AA convention this spring (it is after all basically across the street from where I work). I plan on going to TAM this next summer for the first time. I will try hard to be more active in local atheist groups, and generally be more vocal. I will try to continue to dog these crazy religious whack-jobs, and piss off as many of them as I can. And to Blog, Blog, Blog.

What are you gonna do? I hope whatever it is, you don’t let the credulous crazies out there ruin your day! Remember, we always have the upper hand: we’re right, and their crazy!