FLDS relies on public-welfare money.

I agree 100 percent that the FLDS and other like minded cults are wrong.  They do utilize secular government to help feed and even fund their organizations.  If these people are indeed receiving welfare or other government money, then it should stop, or they should start accepting the law of the land: no more plural marriages, no more underage marriages, no more expediant excommunication of young male members (although this is not a bad thing if the “lost boys” can easily assimilate into regular american society) simply for the sake of propigating their pedophelia based belief system.

Why does it seem that the various government agencies involved with these cults seem powerless to bring them to justice?  If I went out and married 7 underage girls, I would be arrested and jailed.  I think these FLDS men deserve the same, and then the women and children should be helped by secular government if they request it.