However, it’s crucial to remember the big picture here: Some innocent kids were no doubt spared harm by the intervention of Texas authorities in this tragic situation.

Other kids now better understand how they have been and are being exploited. Their recovery and escape from this manipulative sect may well be speeded up.

Finally, other sick “spiritual” figures may well be deterred from similar exploitation and crimes by the fear of being arrested and charged.

via OPINION Blog | The Dallas Morning News.

I don’t care what the critics say.  Yes, the state should have had more ducks in more rows.  It would have proven more positive if they had.  But  I think some good had to come out of this.  My real beef here is not that the FLDS freaks are polygamists, but that they actively and openly break the law.  Marrying a child of 12 is sick and these men should be castrated and thrown in jail.  Cults like this, in the end, do more harm than any possible good.