According to this Pew survey, at least, we are included in heaven.  How bout that!

Sixty-five percent of respondents said — again — that other religions could lead to eternal life. But this time, to clear up any confusion, Pew asked them to specify which religions. The respondents essentially said all of them.

And they didn’t stop there. Nearly half also thought that atheists could go to heaven — dragged there kicking and screaming, no doubt — and most thought that people with no religious faith also could go.

via Op-Ed Columnist – Heaven for the Godless? –

Of course, this idea galls the evangelicals, who think heaven is only a place for their ilk.  Which in my opinion is just fine, because frankly, I wouldn’t want to spend eternity with a bunch of self-righteous, ignorant, bigoted blowhards!

Does this also mean, that most xtians, don’t really take their own bible that seriously?  Of course it does.  To many (even if they call themselves christian) the bible is not to be taken literally, and I think, neither is their belief.  Culturally they may be christian, but in reality, they are just as agnostic as the rest of us.