A 14-year-old girl with a history of serious health issues lay dying of pneumonia in a hospital room. But as her mother waited for the girl to take her last breath, an image of bright light appeared on a security monitor. Within an hour, the dying girl began a recovery that doctors are at a loss to explain.

But Colleen Banton, the girl’s mother, has an explanation. “This was an image of an angel,” she told NBC News in a story reported Tuesday on TODAY. She credited the apparition with saving the life of her daughter Chelsea.

via Did an angel save dying girl in hospital? – TODAY: People – MSNBC.com.

I work in theater and see bright lights all the time…Must be lots of angels around us…

“Albert Einstein said there are two ways to look at the world: as if everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle,” he said.

I like how they throw a quote from Einstein in there, now makes it all more rational…