Hollywood superstar Will Smith has always denied being a follower of Scientology but the hefty donations that the star made recently for the religion tell a different story.

The ‘Men in Black’ star, who is also one the highest earners in Hollywood’s gave USD 112857 to three projects related to Scientology.

Smith is very close to actor Tom Cruise, who is a strong follower of the controversial belief. The actor also recently donated USD 1 million to fund a school with Scientology links, ‘Contactmusic’ reported.

via Will Smith donates thousands to Scientology – ScreenIndia.Com.

He may deny being a scilon, but donating over 1 million dollars to scilon related organizations sure makes ya think.   Doesn’t it?

I made the decision to start boycotting his films last year, along with other known scientologists.  And this does not change my mind.