Keith Porteous-Wood of the National Secular Society said: “Church attendance has already been in decline for over 60 years, all over Britain, in all major denominations and across all age groups, except the over-65s. Independent statisticians now have enough data to predict confidently that the decline will continue until Christianity becomes a minority sect of largely elderly people, in little more than a generation.”

via Church attendance ‘to fall by 90%’ | World news | The Observer.

This seems to only apply to Anglicans.   Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, however with the rise of other belief systems in the UK, namely Islam, I am not sure if this is the real picture.  As the saying goes: “only time will tell.”  It is a positive step toward a more secular society.  Of course, so far this is not applicable to the US…yet, but secular thought is gaining popularity in this country, slowly.