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The Amazing Dolphin: Why Dogs Cannot “Change” Into Dolphins

Many evolutionists insist that ocean mammals are the “cousins” of land dwelling mammals! Isn’t that astonishing? They argue that (as one example) dogs must have “hunted by the sea” and slowly became completely “adapted” to life in the water, and became dolphins! One thing you can say about evolutionists: they sure have a wonderful imagination! I’ve seen a lot of dogs on the beach, and some really seem to have lots of fun with the ocean waves, but all they get at the end of the day is sand on their feet! They are still dogs, even if one of them happens to develop a taste for fish.

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Another creationist dumbshit website.  This guy seems to live at the rock bottom of ID sophistication.  I mean, I guess, there really are people this stupid out there.  I dare you to try to wade through this stupidity!   You’ll especially like his drawings.  Arrgh!