A thought about Hypocrisy:

“So Jesus says, ‘Judge not that you may not be judged.’  That is to say, put yourself back in the position of Paradise before you thought in terms of good and evil.  You don’t hear this much from the pulpits.  But one of the great challenges of life is to say “yea” to that person or that act or that condition which in your mind is most abominable.” (Campbell, Joseph, and Bill Moyers. The Power of Myth. Ed. Sue Flowers. New York: Anchor, 1991. 82.)

This is a basic prinicple of christianity (and many belief systems and philosophies).  The Golden Rule applied to judgement.  And it is where so many of these purported systems of faith fall short.  For one thing, it is in the basic nature of people to judge others.  It goes way back in our evolution: use information about the other guy in order to assess and help your own chance of survival-if you can tear him down, all the better, it puts him at a disadvantage.  Its not something we can just will away, but if you are open to it and understand it, it is possible to push it back, and intellectually make a decision to disregard it.

Campbell is saying we all judge, I say we all should accept it and not use our judgement of others for ill.  Just saying “don’t do it” is not going to make it go away.