A Portugese crackpot has opened his very own “excorcism ward.”

“She is suicidal. This is basically my emergency room,” says 46-year-old Nogueira, popularly known as The Sorcerer of Fafe. Fafe is the place where he started practicing trance mediumship, and later also exorcisms, around 25 years ago. Before that, he spent some time in a psychiatric clinic as a patient.

via Portugal’s Sorcerer of Fafe opens exorcism ward | Lifestyle | Reuters.

I think it is very telling that he spent part of his life as a psychiatric patient.  I agree with this guy:

Dr. Alexandre Castro Caldas, neurology and brain specialist and ex-President of the International Neuropsychological Society said the use of such faith healers can be dangerous.

“Spirit possessions are inventions, they have no scientific basis. Sometimes people who have been treated by doctors for a long time turn to a person like that and stop taking prescribed medicines, which leads to some pretty bad results,” he said.

Yeah, results like death.  I’ll be sure to have my demons removed next time I’m in Portugal.