Golly its hard not to get depressed with these kooks walking around.  Hat tip to Rogues Gallery for this one.  Again, some people should not be allowed to have children, and should not be allowed to think for themselves.  At some point wouldn’t you realize you were causing serious damage?

An alternative medicine devotee will spend six months behind bars for causing his sick daughter brain damage by refusing to take her to hospital.

The Brisbane District Court was told on Tuesday the 11-year-old had been suffering from a heart infection for two weeks before her 45-year-old father finally took her to hospital.

She was gravely ill when she was admitted to Toowoomba Base Hospital in September 2006.

Her temperature was 42 degrees celsius, she had been hallucinating and was weak, pale and could no longer walk.

The court was told her mouth was peeling, black and clogged from the alternative medicine her father had been giving her in extremely high doses.

The doctor who finally examined the 11-year-old said in a report the girl was as “sick as the sickest person I’ve ever seen in 35 years”.

via Father’s Mannatech mania causes girl brain damage – National – smh.com.au.