They claim they were trying to drive the demons out of the 13-month-old, but law enforcement officers say the bottom line is a Rusk County couple bludgeoned the little girl to death with a hammer and other objects and bit her more than 20 times in the most grotesque murder the seasoned officers can remember.

“The child had been beaten so much we couldn’t tell how many times it was hit and then there were more than 20 bite marks on her body. The bottom line regardless of any stories is that they killed that sweet little innocent child.”

Blaine Keith Milam, 19 and Jesseca Bain Carson, 18, both of Henderson, remain jailed on $2 million bonds each. They are charged with capital murder for the Tuesday morning death of Carson’s daughter Amora Bain Carson.


These sickos killed a 13 month old baby because of their own twisted beliefs. In my view, it might be fitting if they get sentenced to die in the same sick way. As they say “Dogma makes people crazy!” In this case I think these people are certifiably mentally ill.