A judge is expected to decide this week whether to dismiss reckless homicide charges against parents accused of praying instead of seeking a doctor’s care as their 11-year-old daughter died of untreated diabetes.

Marathon County Circuit Judge Vincent Howard has said that courts in two states have tossed out similar cases while courts in two other states allowed them to go to trial.

Dale and Leilani Neumann of Weston have pleaded not guilty to second-degree reckless homicide. Their attorneys want the charges dismissed on constitutional grounds.

Prosecutors say the couple’s daughter, Madeline, died at their Weston home on Easter after becoming too weak to speak, eat, drink or walk. They claim the girl likely had symptoms for weeks that should have prompted the parents to seek medical treatment.


Obviously these people were negligent. I am not advocating tons of prison time, but they should be held accountable for their ignorant behavior. If we as a society say this sort of thing is alright then we should be removed from the planet…

This is one case where I don’t think freedom of religion applies. Surely the founding fathers did not feel that one should be allowed to practice their religion to the detriment, or death, of others.