Yes, it’s true. Evangelicals are now gaining strength in other areas, namely: Britain. Just when you thought Britain had won the battle agains irrational stupidity, it now seems that evangelicals are gaining some strength. According to the BBC:

Justin Thacker, head of theology for the Evangelical Alliance, says research in 1998 found one third of the Alliance church members were “literal six-day creationists.” The other two thirds embraced evolutionary theory to a “greater or lesser degree” he says.

“Since that survey was done, I’d say fewer of our members are out-and-out creationists – it has become more acceptable to embrace some form of Darwinism,” he says.

But Keith Porteous Wood of the Secular Society is unconvinced.

“There is no question that creationism is growing,” he says. “It is increasingly well funded, and well organised.”

One would think, after seeing what it is doing to this country that others would think about what they are doing. Irrationals, it seems, can be anywhere, and we are doing a good job of exporting our own irrational stupidness.